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Protect Your Fleet and Business Against Accidents with Fleet Insurance

Business comes with a lot of risks. One of those risks involves your fleet and what can happen when your vehicles go out on the roads. What happens to your vehicles is uncontrollable; crashes, injuries to the drivers, theft of merchandise being transported, and many other mishaps that cannot be predicted or avoided. There is protection for these incidents and a way to protect your business if you suffer from any of these accidents. Purchasing fleet insurance Ontario will protect you, your business, and your drivers.

Fleet Insurance Ontario Protects You

Having fleet insurance will protect you if your drivers need to use their personal vehicle to conduct any part of your business. This protection can extend to leased or rented vehicles you may need to use to conduct specific areas of your business. This insurance can protect you against at-fault uninsured or underinsured drivers that may be involved with your vehicles. There is also protection provided for your high-valued or refrigerated cargo that may be compromised if involved in an accident. You can be provided with a temporary vehicle so your business can continue while repairs are done or a replacement can be secured. There can even be coverage for off-road equipment you use on site if your business requires it.

Definition of a Fleet

To qualify for fleet insurance you must have at least five vehicles you use for your business. There must also be common ownership of these vehicles or common management of the fleet. The final legal definition of a fleet involves how the vehicles are used. The persons who operate the vehicles must be doing so for purposes involving business, they cannot be personal use vehicles. If your fleet meets all these requirements then you are eligible for fleet insurance Ontario. The fleet exemption will apply to any business with five or more vehicles used for business purposes which are under common ownership.

Different Fleet Insurance Ontario Plans

There are different fleet insurance plans available for businesses who have a fleet of vehicles they use to conduct business.

    If you service or repair other people's vehicles in a garage, service station, specialty shop, gas bar, or other similar business you can purchase a plan to protect against accidents. Coverage is available for your building, customer vehicles, equipment, or your stock.

    Specialized plans are available to cover you whether you are a common or contracted carrier. Professionals who know the risks and needed coverage to protect you against them can provide a Complex Risk plan to ensure you get the right coverage for your business needs.